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Raza Khimji & Associates is an all encompassing company geared to provide support to small and medium sized operations and individuals for their accounting, book keeping, computer consulting, financial and management needs. Time and expertise is the most important commodity we sell.
Small business is the backbone of the Canadian economy and it is the entrepreneurs of these companies and their operations that we specialize in and look after.
We realize the needs of small business to concentrate on production and generation of revenues. We also realize their needs on saving costs especially where it relates to administrative, professional and financial help. "Outsourcing" is the buzz word for the new economy and we are happy to be here to provide the needs of the small business.
Raza Khimji & Associates has an established network of professionals whose services we utilize and oversee to attain the requirements and objectives of our clients. All this is obtained at a fraction of the cost of having to employ a full time staff or visiting a "special office" for a specific required task.
Please contact us to make an appointment to meet us.